“People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.”

Searching for a wedding photographer is a minefield. There’s so many of us out there that it’s impossible to know if you’re looking at the right stuff.

I’m going to try and do us both a favour - here’s 10 things we’ll have in common if you’re in the right place.

  1. Just doing you is your number one rule (or it’s somewhere up there.)
    You just have to be yourself. There’s no other way to be. If you spend your life worrying about Instagram likes, what your parents might think, what will happen if things don’t work out, if you’ll be able to hold down an office job if you tattoo your arm black (weirdly specific….) then you’ll just live a strange sort of shadow life where you’re never truly happy. Do things your own way.

  2. You kinda think a lot of wedding photography looks exactly alike.

    Now look. Everyone has the right to like what they like and that’s fine. But like everything else in life there are trends in wedding photography. Bandwagons that people are happy to jump onto because they see other people doing well on social media with a certain look and before you know it everyone is identical. Not bad. Just identical. Without getting too pretentious - I view my work as my art. I like what I do and I like my aesthetic and approach. I try and stay true to my own personal view of the world. I just hope that you like the way I see things too.

  3. All moments matter.

    I have a picture of a bridesmaid squatting in a field with a dildo and a glass of wine. I’ve not seen a dildo at a wedding before or since. Someone once asked me ‘Why are you taking a picture of me smoking?!’ Because that’s part of who you are Karen. Don’t question my methods!

  4. You want a photographer who is part of the day. Not the centre of attention.

    For the most part I will act as guest. I try not to make a spectacle of myself. I’m just another member of the bridal party. The only difference is my one job is to take bomb-ass pictures all day and not miss anything. You can trust me to do that. It’s what I do. When the time comes to get some pictures of the two of you together we’ll do it without fuss. We’ll go for a nice walk so you can get some time alone from the wedding and I’ll photograph you without it being a big deal. It’s much less awkward that way.

  5. Breaking Bad is the best show ever to be shown on television.

    I mean… obviously.

  6. People are way more important than things.
    I totally get that the design and decoration of you wedding is important to you and of course I’ll photograph that. Ultimately though, it’s the people that we remember. The moments and quirks that make us who we are is what it’s all about. That’s what I aim to find above all else. The rest is just the setting for the story.

  7. You want a photographer that cares more about looking after clients than chasing awards.

    I’ve won a few awards and been posted on a few blogs but I’ve come to realise it’s an empty pursuit. Collating and submitting images takes a hell of a lot of time and all you get out of it is an ego boost that lasts 5 minutes, a few likes on social media and a desire to make your pictures look the same as the last person who won an award. I’d much rather spend the time looking after your needs and working on your photographs.

  8. You like to keep things simple.

    So do I. I don’t do hundreds of different packages and add-ons and options. I won’t be trying to sell you expensive prints or albums unless you want them. You pay one price for my eye and my time and you’ll have me from getting ready until well into the dancing. About 6 weeks later you’ll get all the pictures to do with what you wish. Simple.

  9. Tequila with a Cranberry Chaser is the one of the best and worst things in the world.

    Trust me on this one. You’ll ruin your life… but Jesus Christ will you have fun doing it.

  10. Photography is important to you.

    Some people see photography as a commodity that they just want to tick off of a list. That’s fine. Everyone is different. But I want you to want more than that. Photography is a big deal to me. It changes your life. It changes the way you see the world around you and makes you more interested in people, events and life in general. It gives you the freedom and motivation to go to places that you would never normally go and see people that you’d never normally see. It’s a real window into memory. Into another time. It’s not about cookie cutter, copy and paste poses and recreating the last magazine shot you saw.

    It’s real and tangible and personal and when approached correctly there’s nothing that can spark memory and imagination quite like it.

    More than anything else - that’s what you should want. If it is, I hope we can work together.


Example Weddings.

Below is a selection of some of my favourite recent weddings. I don’t want to hold anything back so each wedding includes a lot of pictures so that you can get a thorough idea of the style and consistency of my work.

HollyDavid (349 of 625).jpg

'Shaun was all we could have hoped for in a photographer and more. He was utterly professional but also a very calming presence on our wedding day. His photographs speak for themselves, he has a gift for exquisite photography. One of the things that impressed us most was that he openly shows a wide selection of photos from each of the weddings that he photographs, whereas other photographers that we looked at seem to cherry pick only a couple of images from any given wedding. The quality of his work is consistently excellent. We wanted a documentary style photographer that would be able to capture the day as it happened rather than a series of forced or posed images and we are thrilled with the photographs that Shaun took on our wedding day. We both highly recommend Shaun, thank you.’ - Stephanie Sandeman-Allen

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