A Day of Street Photography in London

Street Photography in London
It’s been a while since I’ve made any kind of an effort to go out and take some street photographs. As some of you may know I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from photography in general recently. I just needed a bit of time while I decided what I actually wanted to do with my life. Well - It’s photography. It always was I think.

Wedding Photographer in London
The trouble with deciding to get back into weddings after vanishing of off the face of the earth for a year is that you have the itch to get back out there again… but no weddings to shoot. Thankfully my approach to wedding photography and street photography are pretty much exactly the same. It’s all about being present without disturbing what’s happening around you. You don’t need to be sneaky about it and it’s fine if people see you. To be honest It’s hard for them not to - I swear that people can sense a camera coming, or your eyes upon them from a mile away. None of that matters though if you act in a friendly, non threatening way and shoot with purpose. You might get the odd strange look and there will always be someone that isn’t keen on their picture being taken but you have to just smile and move on. It’s much easier at a wedding because people expect to have their picture taken in that environment.

Street Photography is Great Practice for Wedding Photography
Apparently when the Romans trained their legionnaires they used heavy wooden swords filled with a lead core. They did this so that when they used their actual swords they felt light and easy to use. It’s kind of like that with street photography and wedding photography. If you have the bottle to go out and take some pictures on the street then it’s much easier to have the confidence to shoot a wedding.

Anyway - here’s some of the photographs. Hope you like them.

Sandra + Jodie - A Wedding In Newport Pagnell - The Holiday Inn.

Sandra and Jody were introduced to me by an old friend of mine and elected to get married at the Holiday Inn in Newport Pagnell. I’d never shot here before but it was a bit of a nostalgia trip as my auntie had said her vows here about 10 years prior.

As usual the day was full of warmth and laughter… and towards the end, a fair bit of reggae.

Also the first wedding I’ve been to where the groom enthusiastically rocked some punk karaoke as we approached midnight.

Don’t worry Jodie - I got that shit on camera.

Holly + David - A Wedding In Tunbridge Wells - The Barn.

Shaun captured so many moments I didn’t even realise were happening! He made us feel so at ease and he felt like one of our guests. We couldn’t recommend him more, our photos are just amazing and are the perfect reminder of our wedding day.

This is one from back in the summer when I travelled down to the lovely Tunbridge Wells. I often get booked for small intimate weddings and this was no exception. I think that smaller weddings tend to lend themselves to laid back, easy going people and that fits my style perfectly.

I was made to feel welcome from the get-go and accepted into this lovely family for the day at their wedding at The Barn - a small but beautiful pub.

What struck me most about Holly and David was just how obviously in love they are. I hope that comes across in the photos.

I really myself hanging out with you all and being part of your day. So much so that it wasn’t that hard for you to persuade me to book a room and have a few tequilas instead of driving home.

Thanks again for having me. Everyone else enjoy this Tunbridge Wells wedding at The Barn.

If you’re looking for or know someone that’s in the market for a wedding photographer and you think they might like my style - I’d be massively grateful if you could share this post!


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Stephanie + Jason - A Wedding In Rye - The Gallivant

‘Shaun was all we could have hoped for in a photographer and more. He was utterly professional but also a very calming presence on our wedding day. His photographs speak for themselves, he has a gift for exquisite photography. One of the things that impressed us most was that he openly shows a wide selection of photos from each of the weddings that he photographs, whereas other photographers that we looked at seem to cherry pic only a couple of images from any given wedding. The quality of his work is consistently excellent. We wanted a documentary style photographer that would be able to capture the day as it happened rather than a series of forced or posed images and we are thrilled with the photographs that Shaun took on our wedding day. We both highly recommend Shaun, thank you.’

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Ricky and Kayleigh - Engagement Photography - Villiers Hotel Buckingham

'Come and shoot a birthday party', they said, 'It'll be fun', they said - and it was! Except that the birthday party was actually a secret engagement party and at one point I was only one of three people to know that to be the case.

No pressure then. 

Still, there's no pressure that a couple of double gin and tonics wont fix and I wasn't the one who had to do the surprise proposing... just take pictures of it.

Well done Ricky, you nailed it. Congratulations to you both and thank you for inviting me to be part of it.  Here's some stuff that happened.

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