I have a confession to make.

I'm just not that into the surface stuff. You know, shoes and dresses, flowers and table decorations - I can take them or leave them. I can't pretend to go gaga over wedding dresses, but I can promise you something else.

To be there at the heart of your wedding. To show it to you.

I'm thoughtful, a bit awkward, sarcastic and prone to introversion. But I also care. I care about people and connections and experiences and family. 

And that's what weddings are made of. It's hard to find more warmth and love in one place than a wedding. It's a privilege to be trusted as a witness to these events. And that's partly why I do this.

The rest is photography.

I came to photography later than most, but ever since I've picked up a camera it's been a means to connect with people. It empowers my creativity and motivates me like nothing else.

Photography has taken me places I never would have been, introduced me to people I never would have met and given me opportunities I never would have had.

For me, it's been a gift. Thankfully it's one that I can share.