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Documentary Wedding Photography - Up Close Confetti

Recently I was in Sevenoaks, shooting the wedding of Amy and Ross at Chafford Park.

I'm sharing this with you because I think it's a good example of my approach to Documentary Wedding Photography. 

Although I don't interfere with the day in any way, I don't claim to be invisible. I'm quiet and sympathetic but I will often get close for key moments so that when you look at the pictures you will feel like you are right back there in the moment reliving it. 

A particularly good time to do this is during the chaos of the confetti throwing. I was only a couple of feet away from Amy and Ross when I took this photograph, although in this instance I doubt they noticed because of all the confetti hitting them in the face.

This is one of my favourite wedding photographs from this set. I love their expressions and the sense of intimacy from being so close. Does it make you feel like you're there with them? It does to me... although I suppose I actually was.

Anyway, for me this is what Documentary Wedding Photography is all about. It's what a wedding feels like not what I've told you to make it look like.  

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