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Documentary Wedding Photography - Seeing Double

Documentary Wedding Photography is all about observation. When I took this photograph on a bus outside of a Horwood House Wedding in Milton Keynes I knew I wanted to include these two ladies on the right because they looked so similar to each other. 

Absolutely no idea if they are actually related or if it's just a happy coincidence that they were wearing roughly the same clothes and had very similar hairstyles. 

I sat across from them and started firing off a few frames as other guests walked in to give the two women some context. The photo wouldn't have been as interesting if I'd have just zoomed in on them, you need more happening. 

This is the best out of several photographs of the scene that I took. The eye contact with the little girl adds interest, the two ladies are looking in the exact same direction which makes them look even more alike and the icing on the cake is how the chap in the background looks a bit like he's having a good look at someones bum.

Probably not a traditional Wedding photograph but who cares? Weddings are made up of moments big and small. A Documentary Wedding Photographer's job is to find them.

If you're looking for a Documentary Wedding Photographer to cover your wedding then feel free to give me a shout or if you can be bothered, give this a like and share for me. It helps!

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