Documentary Wedding Photography - Die Cake Die! - Shaun Carr - Photographer

Documentary Wedding Photography - Die Cake Die!

Probably my favourite cake cutting picture that I've taken. This is what happens when you mix a Documentary Wedding Photographer with a couple who don't care about traditions.

Richard and Karen's small, intimate wedding in Buckingham Town Hall was a shed load of fun to shoot. It was right on my doorstep, I held my client meeting with Richard over a curry on his stag-do and I'm friends with his daughters.

When I took this picture, which obviously isn't traditional wedding photography, we had been dancing for an hour or two already and I'm pretty sure everyone was drunk. Including me.

You get the best pictures when you immerse yourself in the day. If that means skanking to drum and bass and having a tiny four person mosh to Limp Bizkit who am I to argue? 

Documentary Wedding Photography doesn't follow a formula. It's different at every wedding and will always be personal to you.

Giving this a like and share will visit good fortune on your house and family, 60% of the time, every time. 

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